Everything You Need to Know About Valentines Week – Days and Dates

People all around the world celebrate valentine’s day on 14th February but very few people know that there are series of romantic events falls in Valentine week that start from February 7. Valentines week days include: Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day. February is the month of love and romance, lot of people get married during this month and huge number of boys and girls propose each other. It is much awaited event of the year and couple express their love to one another.

This event for lovers on February 14 is also known as Saint Valentine’s Day. This day of Valentines week 2018 is also a big commercial event because people purchase lot of love cards, flowers, gifts and go out for dinner as well. Planning and preparation of valentine’s day starts from the very first day of February. During this event you will see colors of love every where and you will notice them in markets and on valentine day special TV programs.

Valentine Week List, Days and Dates

Valentines Week List, Days and Dates

Below you will find details of February special days for lovers known as valentine’s week list, days name and dates on which they are celebrated.

Rose Day 2018 – 7 February

Valentines Week Rose Day February 7

Valentine’s week begins with Rose Day celebrated on February 7. Mostly this day is celebrated by youngsters and they exchange red roses on this day, which is a sign of love. You can also give your boyfriend/girlfriend a red roses to celebrate rose day 2018.

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Propose Day 2018 – 8 February

Propose Day 2018 - 8 February

If you are thinking to propose the person you love, you can do it on upcoming propose day of Valentine’s week on February 8. This is the 2nd day of the lovers week and is celebrated by people from different age groups. Every person has its own proposing style, you can checkout some cool proposing ideas here.

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Chocolate Day 2018 – 9th February

Chocolate Day 2018 - 9th February

Third day of Valentine’s week is Chocolate Day date of celebration is 9th February. It is one of the most delicious day because on this day couples, boyfriend, girlfriend share chocolates with each other. Chocolates are also a sign of love and spread sweetness all around the globe.

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Teddy Day 2018 – 10th February

Teddy Day 2018 - 10th February

Very few people celebrate Teddy Day on February 10. But those who celebrate this day gift each other stuffed and beautiful teddy bears to express their love. Main purpose of sharing such gifts is to make each other happy and feel good.

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Promise Day 2018 – 11th February

Promise Day 2018 - 11th February

It is a very important day of Valentines week. On Promise Day celebrated on 11th February, couple promise each other that they will love and remain together in thick and thin. Huge number of people celebrate this event and promise to stay together till their last breath. You can also write down some promises or check here some romantic promises for promise day.

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Hug Day 2018 – February 12

Hug Day 2018 - February 12

Hug day celebrated on 12th February is a very special day of the Valentine week. On this day, people from all age groups hug each other. Hugging the person you love is a very strong gesture of expressing your emotions. So you can hug your wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend on this day.

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Kiss Day 2018 – February 13

Kiss Day 2018 - February 13

The 2nd most celebrated day of Valentine’s week is the Kiss Day. People have lot of excitement related to it and often ask that when is kiss day? because they don’t want to miss the opportunity of kissing their partner. Kiss day date is 13th February and you can give a sweet gesture to the person you love by kissing him/her.

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Valentine’s Day 2018 – 14th February

Valentine's Day 2018 - 14th February

When is valentines day? People celebrate valentine’s day on 14th February. It is marked as one of the most important day of Valentine’s week. It is a day for all the lovers, they can propose each other, kiss and hug each other, give roses and gifts to your valentine. If you love someone, you can propose her/him on this day and make the person yours for the rest of your life. Don’t miss the valentines day date and wish your lover on this special day.

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Valentines Week Days List 2018

Here is the list of February special days for lovers. Do share it with the person you love the most in this world.

  • Rose Day
  • Propose Day
  • Chocolate Day
  • Teddy Day
  • Promise Day
  • Hug Day
  • Kiss Day
  • Valentine’s Day

The above shared Valentines week list include February special days for lovers. You can celebrate all the above mentioned days with your lover. The best idea for valentine’s day is to buy some chocolates, a card with romantic wishes on it and a beautiful gift and give it to the person you love.

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