Kiss Day 13 February – Valentines Week Day 7

Kiss Day 2018 will be celebrated on 13th February. It is the 7th day of the valentine’s week and on this day lovers kiss each other and express their love. Kisses help people to express their passionate feelings for his/her lover. Kiss is a symbol of love, desire and passion between lovers. Elders say that a person never forgets his/her first kissing experience, that’s what we truly believe. There are many different type of kisses, but among all French Kiss is very popular.

Kiss Day Date

Kiss Day Date?

In the lovers week seventh day is celebrated as Kiss Day and its date is 13 February. Before this day you can also enjoy Chocolate Day, Promise, Propose and Hug Day. Kissing Day is of Valentines week is one of the most celebrated day and mostly youth all around the world celebrates this day. You can also kiss your lover, husband, wife to express your feelings in a passionate manner.

Apart from valentine’s week, there is another kiss day date that is International Kissing Day, celebrated on 13 April of every year. So you can double the fun on both these days.

Types of Kisses

  • The Forehead Kiss
  • The French Kiss
  • The Single-Lip Kiss
  • The Hand Kiss
  • The Earlobe Kiss
  • Lingering Lip Kiss
  • The Cheek Kiss
  • The Peck
  • The Air Kiss

You can try one of these with your partner because each kiss has different feeling. The most popular one are kiss on cheeks and french kiss. Kissing has lot of health benefits as well because according to research kissing involves 34 facial and 112 postural muscles. So, don’t miss the opportunity to give exercise to your face and mouth muscles.

How to Celebrate Kissing Day

One of the most common way to celebrate this day is to kiss your lover and express your love. There are few other ways of celebrating kiss day; you can send kiss day photos or special kisses video to the person you love a lot. You can also share your ideas of celebrating kiss day.

You can share your kiss day ideas or videos with us we will share it on our post with your credit.

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