Chocolate Day 9 February – Valentines Week Day 3

Chocolate day is celebrate numerous times in a year. First we have Chocolate Day on 9th February celebrated on 3rd day of Valentine’s week, second is World Chocolate Day on 7 July. Additionally, we have National Chocolate Day celebrated on 28th October in United States. But here we will only discuss the Valentine week chocolates day.

Like roses, chocolates are also a symbol of love and desire. As this day is linked with Valentines week, so you can gift chocolates to your lover. Buy a nice and beautiful pack of chocolates for your wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend and wrap it for better presentation then give it to the person you love.

Celebrate Chocolate Day


Celebrate Rose Day

Ideas to Celebrate Chocolate Day 2018

Below we are going to share some lovely images by which you can get an idea related to presentation of chocolates to your lover.

Well, if you don’t know when chocolate day is celebrated? you will find all the celebration dates below:

  • 9th February for Lovers
  • 7th July – World Chocolates Day
  • 28th October – United States Chocolates Day

Chocolate Day is celebrated right after the celebration of Propose Day on 8th Feb. If you have proposed your lover and he/she accepted your proposal then it is another perfect day for you. You can give a booster to your love by gifting your girlfriend/boyfriend a box of chocolates.

The chocolates day is not limited to lovers only, if you are a chocolate lover you can also celebrate this day by eating lot of chocolates and showing your love for them. If you have any idea related to celebration of this day, you can share it with the community in the comments box.

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