Propose Day 8 February – Day 2 of Valentines Week

The 2nd day of the valentines week is known as propose day. As the name suggests, on this day you can propose the person to be your life partner for the rest of your life. Propose day is celebrated on 8th February a day after the Rose Day which is celebrated on 7th Feb. It is a great opportunity for everyone to express their love on such special occasion.

On propose day you not only declare your love but also show your commitment towards that person. The second day of the lovers week in February gives chance to all to express their heart’s feelings. Your proposal will make your lover feel special and there are high chances that he/she will accept it. You can take advantage of propose day wishes and use them to show how much you love him/her.

How to Celebrate Propose Day

How to Celebrate Propose Day

On internet, you will find thousands of ideas to celebrate propose day. You can choose any one, that you think is cool or decent. But in this regard, we suggest you to follow your heart’s voice and do it in a way what it says. Below you will find some very interesting proposing videos:

Proposing By Singing a Beautiful Song

Proposing at School Graduation Ceremony

Guy Propose Girl in Store

As you have noticed that every one has its own way expressing his feelings. You can sing a song, light up candles for her, do some beautiful fireworks or use roses to say Will you marry me. Choose your proposing word wisely and you will get what you love. You can also send proposing day pictures to express your feelings.

If you are planning to propose to the boy/girl you love don’t miss the chance to do it on 2nd day of valentine’s week, the propose day on 7th February. Hope your lover will say YES to your proposal.

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