Rose Day 7 February – Day 1 of Valentines Week

7 February Rose day is the first day of the valentines week. Huge number of people in West celebrate this event, which include people from different age groups. In 2018 this event will be celebrated on 7th Feb, Wednesday.

Many people believe that love shouldn’t be limited to single day, lovers can express their love on any day of 365 days. Other believe that occasions plays a vital role when you are proposing your love because events like Rose day or valentine’s day has its own ambiance. Lover week begin with Rose day and on this day you can give different color of roses to the person you love a lot and also share rose day wishes and greetings.

Rose Day 7 February

One thing that you need to assure is that, color of flower matters a lot as it is a romantic event so try to select red or pink roses for your loved ones and present it in sweet way.

How to Celebrate Rose Day 2018

Rose day date is February 7, which means you have plenty of time to think and plan on how to propose or express your love to your boyfriend/girlfriend. You will see colorful roses on every corner of street and youth of the country buys it for his/her loved one. On Rose Day 2018, you can offer a rose and express your heart’s feeling, it is up to you to keep it simple or make some special arrangement. Red roses are the expression of love,care and desire, nothing is better than presenting a red one to your love.

Here are some ways to celebrate RoseDday 2018:

Purpose of Rose Day

There are many reasons for celebrating this day, one of the major reason is, it gives people an opportunity to share there heart’s feeling the person he/she love. On this day roses can be combined with heart shape chocolates to give it more romantic touch. Words matter a lot while expressing your love, so choose your words wisely and say what’s in your heart.

Start planning for your Valentines week days and enjoy 8 days of love and romance. You will find romantic rose-day messages, valentine’s day wishes and ideas to celebrate valentine week.

Rose Day
Starting on
February 7, 2018
Rose day is the first day in the valentine's week days list. People on this romantic day propose and share flowers with their lovers.
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