[40+] Best Hug Day SMS – Cute Messages for Lovers

Every lover knows the importance of Hug. What if you come to know, there is a special day named as Hug Day. It is the 6th celebrated in the valentine’s week days list. Date to celebrate this day is February 12 and on this day people propose to their lover, send best hug day SMS and couple give hug to each other. A sweet hug has very warm feeling and has lot of medical benefits as well. But the romantic feeling that a hug gives to lover cannot be provided by any other thing. So celebrate this day by sharing hug day quotes for lovers and messages and giving hugs.

Nowadays most of the people share hug day status on different social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp etc.. You can also wish your loved ones by sending romantic and beautiful hug day images with your dear ones. If you are living at distance from your partner then you can send sweet hug messages to him/her.

Best Hug Day SMS

Best Hug Day SMS for Boyfriend

Share these romantic hug day messages with your BF, GF, Husband or Wife on this very special day for lovers.

  • Squeeze out the competition—with hugs. I’m giving out FREE hugs while samples last. After that I’ll have to charge an arm and a leg—or maybe just two arms. Happy Hug Day!
  • Hug your partner or friend tightly. Hugs are an important expression of affection. Just take it slow and steady and show your partner that you love, care and support him/her.
  • A hug can say I am missing you. It can say you are special, It can soothe a crying mind, It can calm fear and cheer you. So here is a big hug from me to you. Happy Hug Day!
  • Do you know? There is one gift which can’t be given without taking it back That is why I give you hug which can’t be giving without taking it back. Happy Hug Day!
  • Love is a peaceful feeling, like a flower hugging a butterfly. Happy Hug day.
  • Love Me Hold Me Kiss Me Hug Me In Your Arms I Feel So Great!!!
  • I have a special present for you my dear, but I need to borrow your arms for wrapping it. Love you my dear friend.
  • Let me live and die in your arms. Just like this, let me continue to Love you. Let me live and die in your arms.
  • I love hugging. I wish I was an octopus so I could hug 8 people at a time on Hug Day.
  • Plunders is the palate I gift to you, openly I hug the universe of our friendship expanding its outer limit. Happy Hug Day!
  • Never wait until tomorrow to hug someone you could hug today bcoz when you give one you get one right back your way. Happy Hug Day!
  • No matter where you are I’ll always find my way to – hug you tight and shower you with my kisses!!! Happy hug day!
  • A sweet hug represents love and affection to the person we hug, I want to hug you my dear, As I want to let you know, How much I love and care you. Happy hug day.
  • I’m sending you this hug IT’S FREE! A special hug for you FROM ME!” Happy Hug Day!
  • No matter where you are I’ll always find my way to? Hug you tight and shower you with my kisses. I love only you! Have a Nice Hug Day.
  • And if you see me, smile and maybe give me a hug. That’s important to me too. Happy Hug Day!
  • Gift for you my sweet heart, little warm and little cozy.. here is the gift.. my sweet hug to you! >>>(:-:)<<<<
  • If you hug to yourself any resentment against anybody else, you destroy the bridge by which God would come to you. Happy Hug Day!

Hug Day SMS Messages for Girlfriend

Below you will find special collection of best hug day SMS that you can set as whatsapp and facebook status.

  • Alone? I’ll be your shadow. Want to cry? Here’s my shoulder. Need a hug? I’ll hold you tight. Because where your strength ends, My worth of being your love begins. Happy Hug Day!
  • A hug is not hug till it is warm and little tight Give and take a hug, it’s your birth right. It conveys the affection which you hold inside So let’s hug before it’s banned outright!” Happy Hug Day!
  • Even though I’m away, in my heart I’m right by your side. And here’s a hug from me To say, I love you lots Sweetheart! Happy Hug Day
  • Once the bear’s hug has got you, it is apt to be for keeps. Happy Hug Day!
  • 1 2, I Love You, 3 4 Love Me More, 5 6 Give Me Kiss, 7 8 Don’t Be Late, 9 10 Hug Me Then
  • A hug is a handshake from the heart and I am sure a hug will help you feel calm and happy. Happy Hug Day.
  • Hug me when I’m there, miss me when I’m not, kiss me every day, and love me for all eternity.” Happy Hug day !
  • You are so special to me. There is nothing better than Having you as a friend To share hug day with! Thank you for making my Day brighter. HUGS
  • I love hugging people. I still hug everybody in my meet-and-greet lines. Happy Hug Day!
  • You can’t wrap love in a box, but u can wrap a person in a hug. A hug charms, warms and makes everyone happy!!! That must be why god gave us arms. So here is a hug for you.
  • My sweet valentine, I never ask you to hug, I just hug you, I never ask to love you, I just love you, I never say you; I cannot live without you, I just live for you. Happy hug day
  • Love is a circular emotion that surrounds you, like a hug. Or a noose. Happy Hug Day!
  • I like pencil skirts because they hug me in all the right places. Happy Hug Day!
  • No cost! No batteries required! Tax free! Performs silently, extremely personal! Fully returnable! Its a hug from me to You!! Happy Hug Day.
  • Let us embrace each other like we have the arms of two chairs. Let us dance like our legs are those of a table. We should do dinner sometime. Happy Hug Day!
  • You know, food is such – it’s a hug for people. Happy Hug Day!
  • Just do me a favor, Put your left hand on your right shoulder and Your right hand on your left shoulder. Guess what … I just messaged you a hug… Happy Hug Day!!
  • I didn’t tackle him. I gave him a flying hug. Sometimes love is up in the air until it hits you. Happy Hug Day!
  • Give a nice hug to your kids, And wish them a very happy hug day, With lots of care and love. Happy hug day

Hope you will like these sweet and best hug day SMS collection. You can share these wishes your family, relatives and lover.

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