Watch Dubai New Year 2018 Fireworks Live Streaming

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You can watch Dubai New Year 2018 fireworks live streaming, that is popular all over the world. This year the fireworks will take place at Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab. If you are interest to watch the colorful event live you can also buy a ticket, that costs Dh125. People from all over the world comes to United Arab Emirates to see the live action of new year celebrations because the arrangements to greet new year are very special. Those couldn’t able to come watch live streaming of it on YouTube and other video platforms.

Every country celebrate new year in its own way but a celebration is not completed without fireworks. In U.A.E special arrangements are made for this annual event in order to attract visitors and tourists. If you want to save money and enjoy live fireworks as well, you can do it right here.

Watch Dubai New Year 2018 Fireworks Live Streaming

Watch Dubai New Year 2018 Fireworks Live Streaming

Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai is gearing up to make all the necessary arrangements for the New Year eve 2018. There is a huge crowed on roads, street and Burj Khalifa to see fireworks live and exclusive. It is a great way to start a new year with such humongous celebrations. The celebrations will start at sharp 12:00AM and all the people in Dubai can enjoy it.

Here is a video of new year 2017 live fireworks in Dubai:

Director of marine transport at the public transport agency, said:

“The RTA is stepping up efforts to offer a new marine transit experience, giving riders a superb opportunity to live the thrilling moments of festivities at the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Atlantis and Dubai Water Canal through sea cruises aboard marine transit modes. The experience is bound to leave fond memories for residents, visitors and tourists.” Source

Such statement from director clearly shows that this year the celebrations and fireworks on new year will be more colorful and exciting. I must add it is a must watch event, so don’t miss the chance to watch new year fireworks live in Dubai at any cost.

Dubai Live Fireworks New Year 2018

It is a great opportunity for families residing in Dubai, tourists and visitors from around the world to enjoy this moment. The way new year is celebrated in U.A.E, you won’t find it anywhere else. Get ready and pack your bags if you want to see the live action. You can also enjoy the Dubai New Year 2018 fireworks live streaming on your computer/laptop or smartphone, so don’t miss it.