PC Gaming Monitor Black Friday Deals & Sale – Save Big [2022]

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Gamers should not miss this special gaming monitors black friday deals. An LED monitor for gaming offers excellent resolution, good refresh rate, and better color quality.

The best gaming rig and the expensive GPU’s become useless if not combined with a gaming monitor for an immersive and elevated gaming experience. Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the most tempting time to pick up gaming monitors at a bargain price. The early-bird deals will start pouring in from mid or late October. However, the deals will get sweeter on the Black Friday week leading to Cyber Monday. Bookmark this page for continuous updates on deals. If you have a gaming laptop then you shouldn’t miss these discounts on LED monitor for playing games.

PC Gaming Monitor Black Friday Deals & Sale – Save Big [2022]

Below are the hottest black Friday deals 2022 on gaming monitors. Now is the chance to enjoy huge discount, pay less and save big.

Buying Guide For Choosing Gaming Monitor

Gaming laptops have a bounty of options with different sizes, resolutions, etc. If you are confused in selecting the best gaming monitor, our buying guide and monitor recommendations will help you single out the monitor which balances all gaming features in your budget.


For a gaming monitor, resolution is one of the first things to decide. You can get the following resolutions.

  • 1920×1080 p (Full HD resolution)
  • 2560 x 1440 (2K or 1440 resolution)
  • 3840 x 2160 (4k or ultra HD resolution.

The GPU of your gaming rig, monitor size, and budget play an important role in deciding the monitor’s resolution.

ResolutionUseMonitor Size
1920 x 1080Most used for gaming, budget-friendly,24-27 inches
1440 x 2560 (2K)Becoming the new standard but requires mid-tier hardware support27 inches
3840x 2160 (4k)It requires expensive graphics cards with refresh rates better than 30 fps and up to 60 Fps.More than 27 inches

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate is the number of times a monitor updates or draws an image per second. The higher the refresh rate, the better and smooth the performance of a gaming monitor.

The most common refresh rates are:

  • 60 Hz (For non-gamers, most monitors support this)
  • 75 Hz (For casual gaming)
  • 120 Hz (most gaming monitors offer this frame rate)
  • 144 Hz (it’s better if the monitor supports this frame rate due to less motion blur)
  • 240 Hz (Do check that your GPU supports such high frame rates.

Monitor Panel

The most common monitor panels are

  • TN
  • IPS

TN monitors are the cheapest but fastest due to supporting the fastest response times. If you prefer speed over detail, TN is better for you.

IPS is an all-rounder providing better visual quality, viewing angles, with a response time of less than 5ms (suitable for all gaming).

Response Time

Response time is the time taken by the monitor to shift the color of a pixel to another. The lower the response time, the less blurry image.

For a gaming monitor, if you choose TN monitors, the response time can go as low as 1ms.

And for IPS panels, the lowest response rate is 4 ms.

Get hold of a monitor with the lowest possible response rate; for a gaming monitor, don’t go higher than 5ms.

Screen Size

Choose screen size depending on the desktop space, the viewing angles, and how far you can sit from the monitor. If you want to sit close to the monitor, you won’t see the entire screen at once.

For 1080 p, don’t go higher than 24 inches.

G Sync Vs. Freesync

To sync the monitor with The GPU and reduce screen tearing, you should consider G-Sync or free sync. These technologies can improve the screen’s performance.

G-Sync technology is developed by Nvidia, and at an additional cost, it offers exceptional performance.

Free Sync is developed by AMD; it has no additional cost but works only with AMD graphics cards.

If you don’t mind the extra cost and for smooth motions without screen tearing, G-Sync is a better choice.

Final Words

Purchasing a gaming monitor is relatively more difficult as you have to balance all the features to get the best gaming monitor. Without a good monitor, you won’t have the dramatic effect, visual clarity, and immersive experience. However, before throwing your money on the Black Friday deals for the best gaming monitor, read our guide and keep all the suggestions in mind.

Happy shopping!