[33+ BEST] Lovely Happy New Year Wishes for Couples 2021

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Brighten up your beloved life partner first day of the year by sharing with him/her new year wishes for couples 2021. All types of couples love to spend this special occasion with each other and sharing happy new year quotes for lovers is a very common practice. Doing so helps in making your relationship stronger with your partner. Apart from sharing greetings, they also exchange gift cards and kiss each other to celebrate this event. The wishes posted on this page can be shared with husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend to make the start of 2021 great.

New Year Wishes for Couples

New Year Wishes for Couples 2021

On last day of the year, happily married couples and lovers say goodbye to current year and welcome the new one in their own way. For them this occasion is a great ocean to celebrate. Below we are going to list down the best new year wishes for newly married couples and for old one as well. So what are you waiting for select the message and say happy new year to the one i love:

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  • 2021 has become a wonderful chapter of our life! Let’s fill up every day of 20** with more special memories to look back at one day, sweetheart.
  • Because we are on our way to getting married,
    I am sure that this year in your life is going to
    bring you happiness beyond your expectations.
    Happy New Year My Dear..!!
  • Dear newly married couple, the most important and spectacular phase in your life has already started. You’ve decided to start a family. May all your plans and hopes become true!! Happy New Year Wishes 2021!
  • You light up my days more than the sun and I am very thankful for that. I wish you to enjoy every single moment of this year, I love you!
  • Like chocolate cake goes perfect with wine
    My new year will be imperfect without you.
    Please be with me on this new year forever.
    With love,
    Happy New Year My Dear
  • Being a member of our family is a great pleasure, but also a big responsibility. But I believe that you’ll cope with your new duties perfectly. Enjoy family harmony in full. Congratulations New Year 2021!!!
  • As 2019 comes to an end, I wish to thank you for turning it into an amazing journey and I can’t wait to see what 2021 brings to us!
  • I look forward to growing old with you
    so that one day when we are both weak and fragile,
    we can sit on our rocking chairs, look at each other and
    say – we lived a perfect and the most beautiful life.
  • Love is the greatest power of the world: it’s able to take people up to the skies, but it’s also able to break them. And I wish with all my heart that you would have only ups in your life. Congratulations on your wedding, my beloved newlyweds Happy New Year 2021!!!!!!
  • We’re still so happy and cheerful together after all these years. Let’s make this New Year celebration unforgettable!
  • One more year loaded with sweet recollections
    and cheerful times has passed.
    You have made my year exceptionally uncommon,
    and I wish this continues forever.
    With you around, each minute is a unique event for me.
    I wish you to have a year as incredible as you are.
  • They say that a good beginning makes a good ending and today is going to be a very exciting day. The beginning of your family life. And I believe that your love story is going to have a happy end. Or no end at all. Congratulations Happy New Year 202*!!!!
  • 202* was so special and memorable because of your being in my life and I believe that in 20** we will share even more great moments together!
  • Dear groom, look at your amazing bride. She is just lighting up with happiness. Now, sweet bride, look at your handsome groom. He can’t even express his feelings. Try to keep your faces that happy forever. Congratulations on your wedding and also Happy New Year 202*
  • My biggest wish came true, because I have met you. Thank you for all your love and support, my sweetie. Happy 2021, I love you!

New Year Wishes for Loved One 2021

Searching for some romantic happy new year wishes for crush then you will find a lovely collection here. Select the one and send it to your dream girl or boy to let him/her know about your love.

  • Wishing you 202* full of days as special as you, making every single day of my life so beautiful and unforgettable!
  • Three simple words “I love you” will never be enough. Never stop showing your love to each other. Never stop loving each other. Congratulations on getting married and Happy New Year 202*!
  • May 202* be adorable, charming and amusing just like you, sweetheart!
  • Marriage is incredible. It’s able to make people experience things they thought they would never experience and learn things they thought they would never know. Congratulations on your wedding and lots of love. Happy New Year 202*
  • When you first agreed to be my girlfriend/wife, I never had an idea it would come to this. Happy New Year to my lovely girlfriend/wife.
  • People say that real love must go through many tests. And I wish you from all my heart to stand these tests and keep the love till the end. Congratulations on your wedding, my beloved bride and groom. Happy New Year message for boyfriend long distance.
  • You are so sweet, romantic, gorgeous,
    I feel so lucky to have you as my girl.
    Happy 202*, sweetheart!
  • Family is a kind of magic place, where everyone can get love, care, tenderness and understanding. Family is intended to heal us, not hurt. That’s why I wish you two to give each other only positive emotions. Congratulations on your Happy New Year 202*!
  • Dear newlyweds, there are only a few truly meaningful events in people’s life and wedding is one of them. So I wish you to keep this beautiful day in your memories forever. Congratulations and good luck in family life and other is Happy New Year 2021.
  • 2021 has come,
    Another day, another month,
    New smiles and tears, another summer too,
    But their won‘t be another you!
  • Congratulations on this special occasion! I’m sure you receive a lot of all kind of wishes or advice. Still I want to wish you both to have the most amazing years to come in harmony and filled with joy and happiness. Happy New Year 202*.
  • Wishing you 202* filled with all the joys and wonders you bring into my life, honey!
  • I am blessed to have you as my girlfriend, Honey, you are my love and inspiration in life. Have a wonderful 20**.
  • Today is a beginning of your new life as husband and wife and I wish that this life is full of happiness and joy, and may it never end Happy New Year 20**!
  • Happy New Year!! Let’s do a party and invite all our friends. I want every person to know we’re together.
  • Tonight is the perfect occasion to tell you, honey, how much you mean to me and what a great joy is to have you as my girlfriend! Happy 20**!
  • May your love be strong and bright May your life be filled with light May all your dreams come to true wishing all the best things in life for you two!!!!