Instant Pot Duo Crisp Black Friday Deal & Sale – SAVE BIG [2022]

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Don’t miss the Instant Pot duo crisp pressure cooker Black Friday deal 2022. It is one of the must have kitchen appliances for every home.

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Is there even a need to elaborate on why and how multi-cookers were delivered straight from heaven? Whoever came up with the idea was definitely a genius. The term all-rounder was made one day specifically for the Instant Pot Duo Crispo Pressure Cooker. It has 11 types of cooking options integrated into a single system, despite its multi-functionality, a user-friendly and innovative design. This changes your idea of making food entirely and brings a huge (and positive) change in your kitchen.

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Instant Pot Duo Crisp Black Friday Deal & Sale – SAVE BIG [2022]

Here is a detailed review of Instant Pot Duo Crisp pressure cooker, it is one of the best kitchen items that you can have on Black Friday 2022.


So, what to expect when the box reaches your doorstep? You will open your eyes to a classy looking cylindrical pot. The premium-quality (18/8) stainless steel inner pot of this best-selling beauty will shine in your face.

Waiting to be set in your kitchen, you will instantly realize why it made it to the top 10 items you need in your kitchen and dining! Unexpectedly, the cooker only weighs 33 lbs. Just 18 inch in height and 22 inches in width and it won’t take much space or make your kitchen look like a mess. Easy to use and possess various features which makes it one of the best instant pot for beginners.

Why You Should Buy Instant Pot


Instant Pot is a well-reputed brand not just because the units from them are of high quality and perform well, but also because their designs add to the aesthetic of your kitchen.

The ideal size, almost like a small vacuum cleaner, and its round figure makes it a good addition to the accessories. The control/touchpad is perfectly in the centre with chic buttons and a classy little screen. It saves a lot of space and can easily be placed on the countertop. This means you do not have to put it away and then bring it out again and again when you need to.


Once added to your culinary collection, there is no going back to any old methods and equipment. What cooking tools does it replace, and how does it allow you to perform a plethora of tasks?

  • First and foremost, it, of course, pressure cooks. For a quick dinner, get your meal ready in a matter of few minutes and that too safely with its automatic lid and pressure release button.
  • Cut down all the harms of oil frying, including cutting calories by 70% by air frying food. Achieve heavenly crisp without ruining your health.
  • Kick out your saute pan. Enhance your soup’s flavour and make your stew aromatic by sauteing vegetables in the multi-cooker instead of a separate pan.
  • Want to leave home to come back to a readied meal? Not a problem. This Instant Pot performs slow cooking. You can delay cooking up to 24 hours which is why slow cooking has never been more convenient. You will come back to a delicious and flawlessly cooked food!
  • Choose a healthier option and retain all the minerals and vitamins of your food by quitting the conventional methods of cooking and steaming your food instead. With no fat and minimum heat, prepare food that is lighter.
  • Restaurant-quality food with the exact level of doneness is achievable when you sous vide the food. With precise temperature control and without spending a ton on separate equipment, why not up to your cooking game?
  • Warm your food and keep it to the consistent temperature you want it to be for as long as you like.
  • The high-temperature range that reaches up to 400 °F allows roasting. Well, maybe not an entire turkey, but roast other meat to excellence without any fuss.
  • Bake, too! Sweet or sour, you choose. Make pizza doughs and garlic bread at home with the desired amount of dry heat.
  • Broil.
  • Dehydrate your food to get 100% natural nutrients!


Other than the pressure usual pressure cookers give to the food, and they also give the user a certain amount of pressure by inducing a common fear: what if this blows up?

It is so relieving to realize that this fascinating multi-cooker is extremely safe to use. With more than 10 default safety features, you can put all your trust in this product and rely on it.

The device itself evaluates the pressure. Automatic pressure ensures nothing will blow up. Commonly, it is a difficult task to fix and fit the cooker’s lid. With new Easy Seal lid, the lid will automatically seal for perfect pressure cooking.

With one button, you can release the vent’s steam from a safe distance. Similarly, forgetting to turn the stove off is an issue of the Stone Age with Instant Pot’s Overheat Protection, customize the temperature range from 70 degrees Farrenheit to 400F, varying by smart program. Since you get to choose and set a temperature, your food will never be burnt or overcooked or undercooked! It will safely come out just right.

EvenCrisp Technology

Yes, you read that right. We all love crisp. Why should there not be a “technology” to ensure it? You can achieve the finest golden crisp evenly distributed all over the meat with Instant Pot’s EvenCrisp technology. Perfect food is now not only available at restaurants or with a heck load of hard work but easily at your home, made with your hands, and in a jiffy!

Easy Wash

A concern that anyone could have would be related to cleaning this thing up. Being ideal in size and having an adequate shape, it is not inconvenient to wash it. The inner Pot is made of dishwasher safe stainless steel that you can effortlessly wash and wipe clean with a basic sponge.


Preheating time is reduced as compared to other cookers, and the cooking process is quickened by 70% because of its 1500 watt heating element.


You will not just be saving space, time, and energy, but also money. This is a multi-cooker that is very cost-efficient in all senses because of its multi-functionality. I challenge you to combine all the products (that it replaces) total cost and bring it below the price range Instant Pot proposes.

Buying something that has 11 machines compiled into one means you spend money once and for all on one item rather than going on a full shopping spree and buying expensive individual items. Not just while you shop, these separate machines also consume a lot of power when they are on their own. It is easier on the pocket to have one cost-saving electric device than four, of course.


Cooking will no longer remain a headache, especially if you have to cook for a big family or are someone who usually has a lot of people over! User-friendly, reliable, and definitely durable, and available in black Friday deals on Instant Pot, it would be unwise to miss out.