[25+] Best Happy Birthday Father in Law Poems, Quotes & Wishes

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Wish your father-in-law on his birthday and make him feel special. Respecting elders is our moral duty and everyone should try to take care of them and make them feel happy. Send lovely happy birthday father in law poems, wishes and greetings to tell him that he’s one of the most awesome member of your family. You can also send old man some colorful birthday images for father in law to greet him on his day. Also buy a sweet cake with his name written over it, doing so will make him glad and will made his day memorable as well, as a result of this your relationship bond will become stronger.

Quotes for Father in Law Birthday

Happy Birthday Father in Law Poems

Best Happy Birthday Father in Law Poems

If you are searching for some special kind of happy birthday father-in-law wishes you are on a right page. Below we are sharing birthday poems for father in law that you can share with your in laws:

  • An ocean of knowledge
    An institution of experience
    A person whose heart holds
    Love and care in abundance
    A pool of sound advice
    An ensemble of memoirs
    My dearest father-in-law
    You are a favorite of ours
    Happy birthday
  • The relation that I shared with you
    Was never really sour
    I respected you from the beginning
    And that was so very pure
    Having a loving dad in law like you
    I have learned a lot about you
    All your pleasing experience and things deprived
    So thanks for always being there
    I know that you truly care
    Happy birthday to you
    God bless you!
  • A true gentleman
    Sophisticated and wise
    Full of warmth and care
    And invaluable advice
    Full of myriad experiences
    A man who I respect
    How lucky I am to have
    A father-in-law so perfect
    Happy birthday
  • Today on your special day
    I wish to confess something from my heart
    You are the ideal I have looked up to
    From the very start I really admire your strength in life
    All your struggles and all your strives
    You always won from the situation
    To emerge to be the number one
    Dad in law have some fun
    As its your birthday today
    Wish you an amazing birthday!
  • Less of a father-in-law
    More of a father you are
    Even though you live miles away
    You never seem as far
    Distance and time never have
    And will never come in the way
    Take this as a hint and expect
    Us to drop by for your birthday
    Happy birthday
  • When I think you are
    When I think of someone so kind
    When I think of someone so warm
    It’s your face that comes in front of me
    As you are so full of care
    I know dad you are always there
    A father-in-law whose so perfect
    This combination is truly rear
    Happy birthday to you
    May God bless you!
  • I look up to you
    Not just because you gave me your daughter
    Or because you have
    Showered so much love on her
    I also respect you because
    You’ve treated me like your very own son
    Apart from everyone else in the family
    My heart too, you have won
    Happy birthday
  • You are so true you know
    You are so happening I didn’t know
    So cool moves you do show
    You party with us like a friend
    Pure from your heart and no pretend
    A father in law like you is hard to find
    You are so compassionate and kind
    Happy birthday to you God bless you!
  • You have done everything
    To prove to me
    That you’re the best dad-in-law
    There could ever be
    Now the ball you have thrown
    In my court, dear dad
    I will do everything to ensure
    That you are never sad
    Not just because you have
    Given away your daughter to me
    But it is because in you
    My second father I see
    Happy birthday
  • I have respected you
    I have respected you from my heart
    Right from the beginning and start
    There is an admiration from my side
    As you have turned the tide
    You are so great and I want you to know
    Though I may never show
    But you are in same place as I keep my dad
    The both shining jewels
    I have Happy birthday to you!
    God bless you!
  • Things may have changed a bit
    Between me and your son
    But to me you’ll always be
    A father-in-law number one
    Although our marriage has
    With time, turned quite sour
    But for me and the kids
    You can never be too far
    Your birthday, that is why
    I will always remember
    No matter the circumstances
    We’ll always be tied to each other
    Happy birthday
  • I see the shadow of my dad in you
    You have been so caring and true
    You have guided me like a father
    To a daughter would do
    I think I am truly lucky
    To have a loving father in law like you
    Whose more like a dad to me
    Whose presence gives me all the glee
    Happy birthday to you!
    God bless you!
  • I had one role model initially
    But now I have two
    The first one being my dad
    The other one being you
    Just like I admire
    My own father for his values
    I have discovered admiration
    And deep respect for you too
    Happy birthday
  • You have given me that will
    You have given me a reason to smile
    I am so lucky that I have a super dad in law like you
    Whose always given me a smile
    You have given me a reason to be happy
    And a reason enough to find
    My way of life
    So thank you very much dad
    You mean a lot to me!
    Happy birthday father in law!
  • A father-in-law means…
    A person as cool as you
    A person, open to things new
    A person full of acceptance
    A person who gives guidance
    A person who is always there by your side
    A person who in your work, takes pride
    A person who you can think
    Of being your real dad, without a blink
    Happy Birthday Dad in Law
  • I share that vibe with you
    I share a great rapport with you
    As you give me advice all new
    Over the years our bond is so strong
    Over the years my respect has grew
    So glad to have a father in law like you
    Whose an inspiration in the true
    Thanks for everything!
    Happy birthday to you!
    God bless you!
  • Whether it is a weekend barbecue
    Or a family reunion
    Dad, without you
    Neither would be fun
    Whether it is Easter break
    Or our Thanksgiving dinner
    Without having you around
    We wouldn’t feel better
    Whether it is church on Sundays
    Or taking kids to a carnival
    In your absence, none of this
    Would be memorable
    Happy birthday
  • Stay healthy you are
    Stay healthy and happy is my wish
    Stay good and celebrate this day
    Dad in law you are truly so great
    And I am lucky and so is my fate
    In you I found my dad
    I you I have that wisdom I need
    Lucky to have you in my life
    Its My good deed
    Happy birthday to you!
    God bless you!
  • It took some time
    For us to bond
    But once that happened
    Our ties became so strong
    I realized, having made
    An important discovery
    Not just another dad
    In you, I found a new buddy
    Happy birthday
    When I got married
    I really never knew
    That I would get an amazing
    Father-in-law like you
    If I knew about this
    A lot earlier
    I wouldn’t have wasted time
    In marrying your daughter
    Better late than never though
    Is what they say
    Raising a toast to which
    I wish you a happy birthday
  • Dearest dad-in-law…
    The way you are always around
    To offer me your counsel
    The way you are always there
    My stress and worries to quell
    The way you are ever present
    To share my euphoria
    The way you magically get
    Rid of all my dilemma
    Is enough to prove that you are
    Nothing less than a real father
    I will always love you
    Now and forever
    Happy birthday
  • A person of your stature
    Deserves a grand party
    Attended by good friends
    Accompanied by a fine bubbly
    A person of your status
    Deserves a standing ovation
    For keeping us all together
    Through all this duration
    A person like you I think
    Is a worthy example
    To show all fathers-in-laws
    How they too can be special
    Happy birthday
  • Apart from the word in-law
    There seems to be no disparity
    Between you and my dad
    Well, at least not to me
    Both of them care a lot
    And love me to no end
    Both are my loving fathers
    And also my best friends
    Happy birthday dear father in law
  • A cool father-in-law you are
    That you have shown me
    By being a dad, not just to your son
    But also to his wifey
    I have realized that it’s not just about
    Being connected by legality
    But sharing your lives with
    Special people in your destiny
    Happy birthday

If you like these happy birthday father in law poems share it with your dad-in-law on his birth day to tell him his importance in your life.