Cuisinart Ice Cream Makers Black Friday Deals – SAVE BIG [2022]

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We have good news for all ice cream fanatics! Cuisinart ice cream makers Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday sale are available now.

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Homemade ice cream brings a smile with itself, and when it is coupled with discounts and deals, the pleasure is doubled and immeasurable. You can grab one of the best ice cream making machines at a huge discount.

Cuisinart Ice Cream Makers Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday Sale [2022]

Cuisinart is one of the leading brands in homemade ice makers. Below, we are making you aware of all the models, their differences, and performance so you can make an informed decision before grabbing the deal.


All Cuisinart ice cream models are based on effortless churning of ice-creams with neither ice and salt requirement nor the laborious manual hand cranking required.

Only ICE-100 is a compressor-based model where no pre-freezing of the bowl is needed.

Design and Specs

It’s a true homemade ice cream maker designed to fit in the cramped space of your kitchen. You can easily stash it away in your kitchen cabinets and take it out to make ice cream on the countertop. All models have a slight difference in dimensions, with ICW-21 being the most space saver.

Apart from being budget-friendly and the entry-level ICE-21, each model of the Cuisinart has stainless steel housing with a chrome finish that gives the ice cream maker a premium feel.

The Cuisinart ice cream maker accompanies:

A double insulated Aluminum bowl that has a liquid gel inside the layers.

A plastic dasher with vertical and horizontal arms for scraping ice cream off the walls of the ice cream maker

  • A recipe book
  • Glass Lid

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Cuisinart Icecream makers have the capacity to make 2 quarts of ice cream in a single batch. Only the models ICE-21 and ICE 100 have a smaller capacity to make only 1.5 liters of ice cream.


The ice cream maker setup is as easy as it could be. You just need to freeze the Aluminum canister for 24 hours until the liquid inside the double insulated layer freezes. After setting the dasher inside the bowl and attaching it to the base, you need to put the lid on and turn on the machine. Start pouring chilled Ice-cream mixture and tada!

The soft-serve ice cream is ready to relish.

The upgraded models have three different speed settings with an LCD screen that also shows a count-down timer.


All the Cuisinart Ice cream makers churned out the smooth, creamy and luscious scoop of soft-serve ice creams in as little as 20 minutes. The sturdy ice-cream makers remain steady without vibration during the ice cream-making process, all thanks to the rubberized feet.

These ice cream makers also have the option to make frozen yogurt, sorbet, gelato with just the push of a button. These are just “set and forget” ice cream makers.

The ice cream makers make some humming and rumbling noise when in action. However, these are much quieter than Nostalgia and other famous brands.

Ease of Cleaning

All Cuisinart ice cream makers are easy to clean. The dasher and the lid of some models are dishwasher safe, but the Aluminum bowl isn’t safe to wash in the dishwasher. Nevertheless, all the parts just need warm soapy water with the action of a sponge to clean off the components.

The stainless steel housing attracts a lot of fingerprints, but these are easier to wipe clean.


All the models are backed by three years limited warranty, which in our experience will go to waste as the products are sturdy, and you won’t need to avail the warranty in the given period.

Final Words!

It’s a great opportunity to scoop up the Cuisinart ice cream makers before the stock ends! Hurry up! The deals will end way before Cyber Monday due to huge demand and limited stock.