Black Friday Deals on BBQ Grills – BIG DISCOUNT [2022]

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For all the BBQ lovers we bring the special Black Friday deals on BBQ grills. Don’t miss the big discount or you will regret it!

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Outdoor backyard BBQ is becoming a lifestyle. People wait for summers to throw BBQ parties and enjoy warm weather with friends and family. If people long for BBQ season to get the deliciousness of smoky grilled meat, the rest of the year, especially around Black Friday, is dedicated to buying the best BBQ grill. You can also check the best Black Friday deals on smokers and grills.

Black Friday Deals on BBQ Grills – BIG DISCOUNT [2022]

Just like every year, this year is also seeing some irresistible cut-rate discounts on BBQ grills. The deals and discounts will start way before Black Friday and will lead to Cyber Monday.

Do grills go on sale for black Friday?

Amidst so many grills options and deals, you may find it hard to pick the best combo of BBQ grill and discounts. We have sifted through dozens of websites and looked for the best deals. To help you score the best deal, we have selected our top picks and prepared a guide of what configuration and specification you should look for in BBQ grills.

Buying Guide For BBQ Grills

Fuel Type

Choosing the fuel type is a great point to start your quest for the best BBQ grills. BBQ grills have three fueling types available.

  • Gas/Propane
  • Charcoal grill
  • Pellet Grill

Each type of grill has its pros and cons that will help you decide which grill is right for you.

Gas grillCharcoal grillPellet grill
A gas grill is easier to operate, and you have more control over it than others. You will just have to start the burners to get the grill on. However, you won’t be able to move the gas grill because it needs to be connected to the gas line. Liquid propane grills are portable but require refilling.Charcoal grills need to be tended and watched over till your BBQ gets ready, but the tradeoff is exceptional taste.


Thorough cleaning is also necessary after a BBQ party due to charcoal ash.

Pellet grills used food-grade wood pellets to give flavor to the meat.
Digital thermostat and temperature setting give precision. But finding pellets can be hard and expensive as compared to charcoal or liquid propane.

Decide the type of BBQ grill, depending on the convenience level, smoking flavor, and budget.

No. of Burners & Size

The more number of burners means the larger the grill. Larger grills determine how much food you can cook on its surface. Typically the number of burners on gas grills are 1-8.

Small Grills: 1-3 burners with 26 inches or smaller width. Best for small families

Medium Grills: 2-4 burners 27-33 inches width

Large Grills: 3-6 burners 34-42 inches width

Extra Large Grills: Upto 8 burners and 43 inches or more width.

Most of the grill’s surface area is measured in square inches. The square inches will accurately determine how much larger pieces of meat you can cook. 400-500 square inches is considered enough for an average family.

Side Burners

Side burners in grills are used for multitasking and keeping the food warm or heating sauces. Some side burners also act as searing burners for side dish preparation.

Grease Management System

Look for a BBQ grill with a grease management system that manages grease. The drippings are caught in a drip tray which is easily accessible from the front.


Some grills like Weber iGrill offer a thermometer to check the internal temperature of the meat. BBQ grills that have thermometers to check the temperature before or during the grilling process will give more control.

Some smarter grills with remote control will also let you set the timer and temperature from afar.

Solid Construction

Look for the BBQ grill with solid stainless steel construction. Go for the grill with wheels for portability and check the lid, firebox, and welded joints. Welded joints are better than those that have been assembled with nuts.

Propane Tank Tray

If you are choosing a propane grill, choose the grill with a pull-out propane tray.

Door for Adding More Coal

For a charcoal grill, the door from where the coal is being added should be easily accessible so you can add more coals or rearrange existing coals.

Temperature Range

For grills where temperature can be adjusted via controller, there should be more range for temperature. The grills with a broader temperature range (150-600° F) offer more versatility as you can cook high-heat searing meals while smoking at a slow temperature.

Large Hopper

If choosing a pellet grill, look for a large hopper that feeds in wood pellets. The larger hopper means you won’t have to add more wood pellets for a long time.

Cooking Grates

Choose an adjustable cooking grate to lower or raise the meat according to the dish requirement. Also, there are two types of cooking grates available. Porcelain grates are easier to clean but leave wider sear marks. Stainless steel grates leave more defined sear marks, retain more heat, and are durable, but they are harder to clean.

Final Words!

If you are still unclear about which BBQ grill to buy, check our top picks, which we have selected carefully for you, keeping in mind all the details and specifications. Make your decision fast as limited stocks and high demands will result in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals ending on some hot appliances sooner than others.