5 Best Universal Remotes For Roku Stick, Ultra, Box, & TV [2023]

Roku devices are well-known for their digital media streaming by using online services. Whether it is a stand-alone Roku box, Roku stick, or a smart Roku TV, you can enjoy your favorite shows and games whenever you want.

Roku devices come with remote controllers to navigate the settings and control functions. However, if somehow you have lost or damaged the remote, it becomes difficult for you to operate the device.

There are replacement remotes available in the market called universal remotes. These remotes are compatible with almost all types of devices and brands. We have listed some of the best universal remotes to control Roku devices. If you opt to choose GE remote, you will need this list of GE universal remote codes for Roku.

5 Best Universal Remotes For Roku Stick, Ultra, Box, & TV [2023]

  1. SofaBaton X1 Universal Remote
  2. Roku Voice Remote
  3. RC280 Remote Control for Roku TVs
  4. One for All Streamer Remote
  5. SofaBaton U1 Universal Remote

1. SofaBaton X1 Universal Remote

SofaBaton is an all-in-one universal remote. It is compatible with more than 500,000 devices. Also, it can be paired with multiple devices simultaneously to eliminate the clutter of remotes on your table.

The remote has a 2” display screen. The lower 2/3rd part of the remote looks the same as an original Roku TV remote.

SofaBaton X1 remote can perform all functions only with a single touch. You can switch between various devices with the help of a scroll wheel. You can also control your devices by using the voice command option in this remote.

It has a wireless hub with stable signals. You don’t need to point the remote directly toward the device. Using the IR, WiFi, or Bluetooth signals through the X1 hub and IR extender, and you can control almost all devices in your house while sitting on a couch.

However, the remote lacks the actual IR emitter. This means, without the Hub, the remote is not compatible with devices using IR. Moreover, it is more expensive than other universal remotes.

After using this remote, I found that this remote helps to simplify your life. The custom macro button activity helps multiple devices to work in sync. For example, if I tap the ‘watch movie’ button, it will turn on the TV, open the related app, and connect the amplifier all by itself.

2. Roku Voice Remote

You can use your voice to control your Roku devices by pressing the microphone button on this remote. This remote is compatible with Roku TVs of all brands (TCL, Hisense, Philips, JVS, Sharp, Element, ONN TV, and more.) and with all Roku sticks, ultra, and boxes.

It is an easy-to-use remote that pairs up quickly by pressing a button – no code is required. This remote is designed almost the same as the original Roku remote. Therefore you get accustomed to it conveniently.

Like a smartphone, you can control the volume of your TV with the side buttons on this remote. There are also shortcut buttons to jump to your favorite channel quickly.

However, it is not compatible with Amazon devices. Also, it doesn’t have the option to attach a headphone or to recharge the battery, which is available in Roku voice remote Pro.

I found it helpful because I didn’t know that I could use a voice remote with my older Roku TV. I paired the remote with my older TV and enjoyed the new and improved experience.

3. RC280 Remote Control for Roku TVs

This remote is compatible with all Roku TVs. It doesn’t require any programming. Just put the batteries in the compartment, and there you go.

The remote has 4 separate buttons to jump directly to the streaming apps – HULU, Netflix, YouTube, and Apple TV+. RC280 is made with eco-friendly ABS material, which makes it an anti-drop remote with higher durability.

It is lightweight, and the ergonomic design makes the handling comfortable. This remote has strong and stable signals – thanks to infrared technology.

You will get a 90 days manufacturer’s warranty with this remote for Roku. The remote has mute and up/down volume keys at its side. Furthermore, the best part of these remotes is how cost-effective they are.

As per my findings, it is a simple remote that is similar to the original Roku TV remote. It is small, affordable, and durable, with straightforward functions.

However, the RC280 remote is compatible only with Roku TVs. You cannot use it with a Roku box, stick, or other Roku streaming devices attached to your non-Roku TV.

4. One for All Streamer Remote

One-for-all streamer remote is one of the best universal remotes for streaming players like Roku and Fire Stick, with a convenient key layout. The keys are great to feel. The small-sized One for All universal remote offers improved features than the original Roku remote.

The remote is compatible with various devices. It works adequately with all TVs and IR-controlled streaming devices. You can connect three devices simultaneously – your TV, streaming device, and audio device.

Pairing the remote with your devices is an easy task. Moreover, the ‘learning’ feature available in the remote helps you to copy the features from your original remote.

The color of the color ring changes according to the device. It tells you which device you are currently controlling. You can change the light on the color ring, set the pre-programmed colors, or choose a custom color for each device.

The four shortcut keys on the remote enable you to quickly jump to your favorite streaming apps, like Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime.

Unfortunately, this remote lacks the voice control function. If you like to control your devices with voice rather than typing every single word, then this remote is not the best fit. Also, it is not compatible with fire or Roku TV sticks.

However, I found that the 10 minutes I gave to the All-in-One remote to pair with all devices was well worth it. It is easy to use, looks good, and lasts longer.

5. SofaBaton U1 Universal Remote

The U1 universal remote by SofaBaton is a one-for-all solution for your home theater. This remote is compatible with 6000+ brands and over 500,000 TVs, soundbars, Blu-ray, DVD, streaming players, and more.

The OLED display screen, along with the scroll wheel, makes it easier for you to select the required device. Also, I will keep you informed about which device is in use at the moment.

You can pair 15 devices at a time with this universal remote. Also, you can enjoy controlling multiple devices configured together with a single click – thanks to the macro button on the U1 remote.

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry if you are thinking of buying the latest version of your TV. The ever-growing updated database of the U1 makes it compatible with all new devices. All you have to do is to update your remote’s firmware to the latest version.

I recommend this remote, as it is very cheaper in cost as compared to the features it offers. Moreover, its ergonomic design makes handling convenient.

However, if you compare this remote with the SofaBaton X1 universal remote, it doesn’t offer voice control, and also the key placement in the X1 remote is more straightforward.

The downside of the U1 remote is that you need to point the remote toward the target device as it is an IR remote. So, it becomes difficult to keep all devices in range as it can be paired with 15 devices at a time.

Final Thoughts

A remote control is a part of every device you purchase these days. So many remotes on your coffee table can be untidy and difficult to manage. A universal remote with the option to pair various devices is a tremendous replacement for your original Roku remote.

After thorough research and testing, we have compiled nine different replacement remotes and write personal reviews on them. These are the best on budget, overall best, and best technology remotes. So purchase one and enjoy the new experience with your old Roku TV.

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