Amazon Fire TVs Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals [2023]

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Get benefit from the Amazon Fire TVs Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals 2023 and buy a 4K picture quality streaming TV at an affordable price.

Amazon Fire TVs Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals [2023]

Amazon has made a name for itself in the budget TV space with its Fire TV lineup. Offering solid performance and built-in streaming at wallet-friendly prices, the latest 2023 Amazon Fire TVs aim to continue that reputation. This year sees new models like the quantum-dot enabled Omni QLED and Fire TV Omini series join value-focused series like the 4-Series and 2-Series.

These models aim to take things up a notch with features like hands-free Alexa voice control and much more. You can enjoy 4K picture quality at an affordable price if you take benefit from the Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals on Amazon Fire TVs. Don’t miss to check the Samsung The Frame TV Black Friday sale.


  • Great prices for the specs and performance
  • Solid 4K picture with good HDR support
  • Easy to set up and use Fire TV interface
  • Alexa integration and hands-free voice control
  • Low input lag and Auto Low Latency Mode good for gaming


  • Audio from built-in speakers is just okay
  • Fire TV remote not ideal for gaming
  • Some models limit gaming

Picture Quality Of Fire TVs

The picture quality of Fire TVs has steadily improved with each new model. The most affordable Amazon Fire TVs, like the new 2023 2-Series, utilize LCD panels with direct LED backlighting. This results in decent picture performance, though black levels and contrast are limited compared to higher-end models.

Step up to the 4-Series or Omni Series and you’ll benefit from more advanced backlighting systems like full array local dimming, which really boosts contrast by dimming parts of the screen independently. The 2023 Omni Series also adds quantum dot technology for a wider color gamut and punchier HDR.

Reviews of the latest Amazon Fire 4K TVs have been quite positive, noting colorful, vibrant images and support for Dolby Vision HDR, though upscaling of HD content could be better. Overall, Fire TV’s picture quality competes well with mid-range options from other brands. While it can’t match more premium OLED or QLED TVs, it provides great visuals for the money.

Sound Quality Of Fire TVs

Like most flat panel TVs, the built-in speakers in Amazon Fire TVs are functional, but not anything special. Models like the Omni Series improve slightly with better channel separation and higher power output compared to entry-level Fire TV editions. But in general, expect thin, tinny sound without much bass impact.

Fortunately, all Fire TVs include HDMI ARC support, making it easy to connect a sound bar or home theater system. Alexa voice control also makes it convenient to adjust volume hands-free. Opting for a sound upgrade is recommended to get audio quality that matches the great visuals of the Fire TV.

My Test Results Of Fire TVs

To get a first-hand sense of Amazon’s 2023 Fire TV lineup, I tested out the mid-range 55″ Omni Series television along with the entry-level 4-Series 43 inch TV model. Setting up each TV was quick and painless. The menus are simple to navigate and picture settings like HDR and Game Mode worked seamlessly.

Watching 4K movies, both TVs delivered crisp, colorful images. The Omni Series’ quantum dots and full array dimming gave it better contrast and brightness, though the less expensive 4-Series was no slouch. The differences really showed up watching dark scenes, where the Omni had much deeper, inkier blacks. Upscaled HD content looked decent but not as sharp on either set.

The built-in Fire TV interface makes streaming super convenient, though don’t expect sonically impressive audio. To get the most out of these TVs, I would plan on budgeting for a sound bar or speakers. Overall, both models provided a great viewing experience considering their reasonable prices.

Are Amazon Fire TVs Good?

Considering their prices, Amazon’s Fire TVs punch above their weight in terms of both features and performance. Models like the entry-level 4-Series and step-up Omni provide amazing value, with good screen sizes, 4K resolution, HDR support and built-in Fire TV streaming starting under $300.

While image quality doesn’t quite hit the same heights as more premium TVs, Fire TV still offers sharp, colorful pictures that make movies and shows look great. They also have intuitive interfaces and helpful Alexa integration for controlling your smart home. All in all, it’s tough to find a better smart TV deal than what Fire TV provides across its lineup.

What About Gaming On Fire TVs?

With their low input lag and Auto Low Latency Mode, Amazon’s Fire TVs make suitable options for gaming. Models like the Omni Series also support variable refresh rate (VRR) for compatible consoles and PCs. Combined with HDR gaming at up to 4K 60fps, Fire TV checks most of the right boxes for features.

During my testing, gameplay felt responsive with no noticeable delay. One downside is that some Fire TVs only have HDMI 2.0 ports rather than the newer 2.1 standard. This means 4K 120Hz gaming is limited to the higher-end models. Also, the basic Fire TV remote isn’t ideal for games requiring precise input.

For casual gaming or playing slower paced titles, Fire TVs work great. Serious gamers who want the smoothest 4K 120fps performance may want to look at alternatives though. But for most, Fire TVs offer a very solid gaming experience given their affordable cost.

Fire TVs Vs Other TVs

Compared to other affordable 4K TV brands like TCL and Hisense, Fire TV models are very competitively priced. There are some minor differences in picture quality depending on the technology used, but overall performance is fairly similar. Where Fire TV differentiates itself is the convenience of its built-in streaming platform.

Vs premium brands like LG OLED or Samsung QLED, there are more noticeable gaps in contrast, color and motion handling. But you’re paying thousands more for those higher-end sets. Considering its budget-friendly pricing, Fire TV holds up nicely vs both value and more expensive models. For most shoppers, it hits a sweet spot of quality and price.

Final Words

With solid performance and built-in streaming at bargain prices, Amazon Fire TVs deliver exceptional value. The viewing experience punches well above what the price tags suggest. While serious videophiles may want to step up to more advanced OLED or QLED sets, Fire TVs have more than enough picture quality for casual TV watching. Add in the convenience of hands-free Alexa, easy setup and responsive gaming features, and Fire TV continues to be one of the best smart TV options for shoppers on a budget. As long as you don’t expect top-tier contrast and sound, Amazon’s latest lineup of Fire TVs will likely satisfy all but the most discerning viewers.