Amazon Fire TV Omni Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals [2023]

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Get a massive discount on Amazon Fire TV Omni black Friday Cyber Monday deals and enjoy 4K picture quality, Alexa voice assistant, and much more at an affordable price.

Amazon Fire TV 65' Omni Series 4K UHD Smart TV Black Friday Offer
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Amazon Fire TV 65″ Omni Series 4K UHD Smart TV Black Friday Offer
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Amazon Fire TV Omni Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals [2023]

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Streaming devices are all the rage, but having built-in smart capabilities in your TV unlocks next-level convenience. Amazon aims to deliver just that with the new Fire TV Omni Series. Offering 4K UHD resolution and integrated Alexa voice control, this TV looks seriously promising. Furthermore, the price of this smart TV is highly budget-friendly, and if you want to buy it, you can save more bucks by availing of the Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals on Amazon Fire TV Omni.

Unboxing Fire TV Omni

The Fire TV Omni arrived safe and sound in a relatively compact box, considering the large 65-inch size. Inside, the TV stand pieces were separated into their own box along with the power cable, voice remote, and batteries. The setup looked straightforward, just securing the stand pieces, connecting the power cord, and turning it on.

The minimalist packaging definitely aligns with Amazon’s sleek and modern design. I appreciated that the TV stand screws were already attached in the correct spots to speed up the process. With the stand assembled, I carefully positioned the TV in place in my entertainment center.

Design & Setup Fire TV Omni

At first glance, the Fire TV Omni has an elegant and simplistic design. The bezels are super slim, with just a small chin at the bottom. The back has a nice brushed finish, and all the ports are positioned on the right side for easy access.

For setup, I simply turned on the TV and connected to my Wi-Fi network. The on-screen prompts walked me through connecting my Amazon account, allowing app permissions, completing the channel scan, and installing any updates. The whole process was seamless and took less than 10 minutes.

Display Picture Quality Of Fire TV Omni

Talking about the display quality and picture performance of the Fire TV Omni. It has a 65-inch 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels) LED panel with support for HDR, Dolby Vision, and full array local dimming.

In my testing across various content, from streaming movies to live sports, I found the picture quality to be solid for the price. Colors appeared natural and accurate straight out of the box with no calibration required. Black levels and contrast were also good thanks to the local dimming, providing nice depth to images.

Motion handling was smooth, making fast action scenes and sports look crisp. The 4K detail was a definite upgrade from the 1080p sets I’ve owned. HDR content popped with expanded brightness and an engaging contrast. Overall, the Fire TV Omni delivers very pleasing 4K pictures that make shows and movies really come alive. It’s not on par with more expensive OLED or QLED sets, but it is still quite impressive, given the reasonable price point.

Audio Quality Of Fire TV Omni

In terms of audio quality, the Fire TV Omni has decent built-in speakers with support for Dolby Atmos. The sound output is better than your average budget TV, with more fullness and clarity in the mid-range frequencies. Of course, it can’t match the immersion of a dedicated sound system, but the speakers can fill a smaller room well enough for casual viewing.

Voices and dialogue came through crisp and clear for shows and news broadcasts. The music also sounded decent, though bass lacked some punch on bass-heavy tracks. If audio performance is a priority, connecting a soundbar or home theater speakers is recommended. But the speakers get the job done fine for everyday TV watching.

Smart Features Of Fire TV Omni

It runs Amazon’s Fire TV platform, which provides a simple, intuitive streaming experience. The homepage row of top apps makes jumping between my favorites like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and Prime Video super fast.

Speaking of Alexa, the voice assistant is baked right in and worked flawlessly during my testing. The included voice remote has a microphone button to activate Alexa. It allows you to easily launch apps, search for shows, control playback, check the weather, and manage smart home devices completely hands-free. This convenience really makes controlling the TV a breeze compared to fiddling with menus using the remote directional buttons.

My Test Results Of Fire TV

Here is a quick summary of my hands-on test results using the Amazon Fire TV Omni:

  • Picture quality is very good for the price, with accurate colors, deep blacks, and crisp 4K detail
  • The Dolby Vision HDR content really pops with expanded contrast and brightness
  • Audio from the built-in speakers is decent, with clear dialogue and good mid-range
  • The Fire TV interface is super intuitive and makes streaming a breeze
  • Alexa integration works perfectly for hands-free voice controls
  • Processing power is snappy for smooth navigation and 4K streaming
  • Stand assembly and setup took less than 10 minutes out of the box

Overall, the Fire TV Omni performs admirably and offers a premium 4K viewing experience without breaking the bank.

Who Should Buy Omni Fire TV

The Fire TV Omni is an excellent option for cord-cutters looking for a primary 4K smart TV. It provides easy access to all the top streaming apps and comprehensive Alexa voice control. Gamers will also appreciate the low input lag and fast performance.

For home theater enthusiasts wanting more advanced display specs and audio, higher-end OLED and QLED models would be better choices. But for shoppers wanting great every day 4K viewing at a reasonable price, the Omni is tough to beat.

Pros and Cons Of Fire TV Omni

Here’s a quick rundown of the main pros and cons I found from extensively testing the Fire TV Omni:


  • Sleek, elegant design with slim bezels
  • Intuitive Fire TV interface for smooth streaming
  • Built-in Alexa for handy voice commands
  • Good 4K picture quality with vibrant colors and contrast
  • Durable aluminum stand and quality construction


  • Mediocre built-in audio lacks bass and depth
  • No support for some advanced display formats like Dolby Vision IQ

Sizes Available In Fire TV Omni Series

The Fire TV Omni comes in a range of sizes, from compact 43-inch models up to massive 75-inch screens. This allows you to choose the ideal size to fit both your room and budget. Some key details on the different size options:

  • 43-inch – Great for smaller rooms like bedrooms or offices.
  • 50-inch – A popular mid-size option that can work well in most living rooms.
  • 55-inch – The sweet spot for many buyers needing a substantial screen for living rooms.
  • 65-inch – One of the most popular sizes for home theaters and media rooms.
  • 75-inch – The largest option, best suited for big open-concept living rooms or dedicated home theaters.

Fire TV Omni Series Vs Fire TV Omni QLED Series

Amazon also offers the higher-end Fire TV Omni QLED Series with some key enhancements over the standard Omni models. Here’s a quick comparison:

The Omni QLED adds a quantum dot layer for a wider color gamut and better brightness. This provides more vivid, realistic images that really make HDR content pop.

It has a higher refresh rate of 120Hz for smoother, faster motion clarity and is better suited for gaming and sports.

The contrast is enhanced on the QLED model, providing inky, uniform blacks and more depth to images.

So, while the Fire TV Omni provides very solid 4K performance and streaming features at an affordable price, stepping up to the QLED brings noticeably better picture quality for an even more cinematic experience.

Cyber Monday And Black Friday Deals On Fire TV Omni Series

For deal-hunting shoppers, timing is everything. The holiday season brings exciting opportunities to catch the Fire TV Omni at discounted prices. With retailers gearing up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, expect to see aggressive discounts on Amazon Omni Series Smart TVs. Savvy buyers who compare prices across stores can save big. Based on last year’s Amazon Black Friday prices, I would expect to see the Fire TV Omni on sale for $100-150 off the regular sticker price.

Final Words

After extensive testing, I’m impressed with Amazon’s Fire TV Omni. It offers a smooth streaming-centric experience thanks to Fire TV and delivers excellent 4K picture quality. Alexa integration is a total game changer, making it easy to control the TV and smart home gear completely hands-free. If you want an affordable 4K TV with killer streaming features and voice control, put the Omni at the top of your list!