55 Inch TV Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals [2023]

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The fever of Holiday season shopping has just begun and we bring you amazing 55 inch TV black Friday and cyber monday deals of 2023.

55 Inch TV Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals [2023]

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With ever-larger TV screens becoming more affordable, many homes are opting for 55 inch models to serve as the centerpiece of their living room or home theater setup. This popular mid-sized television hits a sweet spot between providing an immersive viewing experience without overwhelming a room.

While 32 inch or 40 inch TVs may have been the norm a decade ago, the combination of dropping prices and demand for larger pictures has made 55 inches the new standard for many households looking to upgrade. This highly versatile size can adapt well to a variety of spaces and viewing arrangements.

The right time to replace your old small TV with a new large screen TV is November because it is a month of Holiday Season sales and big brands like Samsung, Sony, TCL, Vizio etc. offers huge discount on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale.

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Who Should Buy A 55 Inch TV

A 55 inch TV hits a sweet spot between being big enough to provide an immersive viewing experience but not too big where it dominates a room. Here are some situations where a 55 inch makes sense:

Living Rooms: For most living room setups, a 55 inch provides enough screen real estate for movies and TV shows while not feeling too overwhelming. It allows multiple people to enjoy the TV simultaneously.

Bedrooms: A 55 inch TV can work well in large master bedrooms. It’s an ideal size for relaxing in bed and watching shows or movies.

Gaming & Sports: Gamers will appreciate the large screen real estate a 55 inch provides. Sports fans will also enjoy seeing games and matches on a bigger display.

Budget-Conscious Shoppers: Shoppers looking for a TV bigger than 50 inches at an affordable price will find great options among 55 inch models.

In general, a 55-inch TV is a flexible pick suitable for many different home arrangements. Families, couples, and individuals can all enjoy a great viewing experience on a 55 inch display.

Pros and Cons Of 55 Inch TV


  • Provides an immersive viewing experience
  • Works well in most room sizes
  • Flexible viewing angles
  • Appealing budget option
  • Easy to wall mount


  • Won’t fit in tight spaces
  • Bulky and heavier than smaller TVs
  • More expensive than budget sizes

While versatile for many spaces, it’s important to think about room size, ideal viewing distance, and weight when deciding if a 55 inch TV is a good option.

Is A 55 Inch TV Good For Gamers?

With their sprawling landscapes and immersive graphics, modern video games really shine on large screen TVs. And at 55 inches, a TV provides enough real estate for gamers to fully appreciate the visual details in their favorite games.

  • Subtle movements and faraway enemies are much easier to spot when gaming on a 55 inch display.
  • Get pulled right into the world of the game with a screen that takes up more of your field of view. Gaming feels more intense.
  • When gaming with friends either online or in person, a 55 inch screen allows everyone to enjoy the action.
  • Sit closer for first-person shooters or farther back for adventure games. The size accommodates different gaming preferences.
  • To complete the package, look for gaming-friendly features like low input lag, high refresh rates, and HDMI 2.1.

For the ultimate gaming experience, a 55 inch TV paired with the latest gaming console or PC makes it easy to get lost in the world of your favorite games.

Is A 55 Inch TV Too Big For A Small Room?

A 55 inch TV may sound massive, but with the right room layout it can work surprisingly well even in snug living spaces. Here are some tips to determine if it’s too big:

  • Calculate Your Viewing Distance: Experts recommend sitting between 1.5 to 2.5 times the screen size away. For a 55 inch, that’s 6.5 to 10 feet. If you can’t sit that far back, it may be too big.
  • Be Wary of Wall Mounting: A giant screen hanging on the wall can feel oppressive in a small room. Consider placing it on a TV stand instead.
  • Think About Flow: Will the TV disrupt foot traffic or block windows and doorways? Measure for adequate clearance.
  • Test It Out First: Buy from retailers with generous return policies. Set up the TV temporarily to judge if it overwhelms the room before mounting.
  • Use White Space: Place in front of a white or neutral wall rather than a busy backdrop. Creates illusion of more space.
  • Go Slightly Smaller: Consider a 50-52 inch screen if your space is particularly tight. Provides immersive experience without dominating.

With smart positioning and seating choices, a 55 inch TV can work fantastically even in 300 square ft spaces or smaller.

50 Inch vs 55 Inch TV: Which Is Better?

For shoppers deciding between 50 vs 55 inches, both great all-around sizes with only subtle differences:

Picture Quality: At normal viewing distances, visual difference will be minor. Both provide immersive viewing. Here a slight edge goes to 55″ for noticing fine details like text on screen.

Room Fit: 50″ fits better in snug rooms. Easier to find space for media console whereas 55″ ideal for mid-sized living rooms. Allows more flexible seating.

Price: Good 50″ TVs can be found for under $350. Budget buyers find great values. 55″ provides bigger screen for moderate price jump, usually around $100.

Features: Most models have nearly identical feature sets at both sizes. Compare individual TVs. Some 55″ TVs offer higher-end gaming features like 120Hz refresh rate.

Overall, it’s hard to go wrong with either size. Weigh your room size, ideal viewing distance, budget and must-have features when deciding. But the extra screen space of a 55 inch for a small premium makes it one of the most popular options.


From gaming to movies and sports, a 55 inch TV offers an immersive viewing experience that can satisfy most households. While not ideal for extra small spaces, the versatile 55 inch screen looks fantastic in the majority of living rooms. For shoppers balancing size, price, and performance, few choices check as many boxes as a 55 inch TV. With the right positioning and setup, it can deliver big screen thrills without dominating your room.

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