Teddy Day Messages – Best Teddy Day SMS, Wishes & Greetings

Date to celebrate teddy bear day is 10 February and this cute day is celebrated by people from different age groups all around the globe. It is marked as day 4 in the valentine’s week list and people love to exchange teddy day messages and sweet teddies on this special day. Young people enjoys a lot on this day and mostly boyfriend gift teddy to their girlfriends to express that their love is cute and sweet just like the teddi bear. You can checkout some beautiful bears HERE that you can buy for lover.

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On special occasions like valentines day, new year, teddy day etc. people love send wishes to their dear ones to show their love and care for them. Wishing of this day is not limited to lovers only, you can send greetings of this day to your sister, daughter, kids, mother and other siblings as well.

Best Teddy Day Messages

Best Teddy Day Messages

Below are the best teddy day SMS, wishes and greetings that you can send to your dear ones on cutest day of the year:

  • You always live in my thoughts and heart, You always flow in my arteries and veins, And I want to always care and love you just like a soft and sweet teddy. Happy Teddy Day.
  • (”)….(”)
    ( ‘ o ‘ )
    Happy Teddy Bear Day
  • Lots of sweet Teddy hugs and kisses from my side on this Teddy Bear Day!
  • You always live within me, You always laugh within me, And makes me happy and smiling, You always gives me a soft and Touchy feeling just like a lovely teddy. Happy teddy day
  • Love me Love my Teddy Bear Kiss me Kiss me my Teddy Bear Hug me Hug me my Teddy Bear Happy Teddy Bear Day.

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  • It’s Teddy bear day and I am ready for your crazy bear hug!
  • I always feel you within me, I always love you in my every moment, I just want to hug and say you, Happy teddy day.
  • Hi I just blew a special kiss 4 u catch it you might miss it. Teddy Bear Day
  • Sending a teddy to my cutest cuddly beloved who is certainly my life. Happy Teddy Day.
  • I want to present you a lovely teddy, On this special teddy day, To show you my love and affection to you. Happy teddy day.
  • ()”.’.()
    ( (T))
    (ö) (ö)
    WHERE are you?
    ((T) )
    (ö) (ö)
    Right? No!
    ( (T))
    (ö) (ö)
    Left? No!
    ( (T) )
    (ö) (ö)
    There you are!
  • Happy Teddy Bear day to my cutest cuddly sweetheart!
  • My teddy is very soft and silky, It always remains with me, It always gives me feeling of you, So touchy and so lovely. Happy teddy day
  • i;;;()””();;;i
    !:::( -.-):::!
    May u have the sweetest deam2night. Happy teddy day sweet daughter
  • It’s Teddy Bear Day I just wanted to say “I LOVE YOU BEARY MUCH!”
  • Last teddy day was so special for me, This was the day I met you, This was the day I said you, I love you, Happy teddy day
  • I smile myself
    when i am ( ‘ “”()
    alone n ( ‘o’, )
    lonely.. (“)(“)(,,)
    ()”” ‘ )bcoz( ‘ “”()
    ( ‘o’, )”) (“( ‘o’, )
    (,,)(“)(“) (“)(“)(,,)
    I have YOU!
  • On this day, I’m gifting you this teddy, to show that I’m ready, to make you mine and always ensure that you’re fine.
  • Teddy day is a special day, I met my true love this day, I saw her and she smiled at me, I never forget that event, When my whole body was vibrating Because of her lovely sight. Happy teddy day.
  • Teddy bears don’t need hearts as they are already stuffed with love. I m your Teddy with a big heart.
  • Happy Teddy Day to my dear valentine. Because you’re the teddy bear of my life, Forever by my side and ready with a hug, Because you give me the warmth and make me smile, And fill my days with sunshine.
  • A breathe is a sign of life, A beat is a sign of heart life, A teddy is a sign of love, And your love is a sign of my life. Happy teddy day.
  • To my cutest cuddly wife who is certainly my life This teddy bear is a sign That you will be forever mine.
  • On this teddy bear day.. I am sending you a teddy bear.. But the bad thing is that.. It can’t compete with you in cuteness.

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  • I touch my teddy, I hug my teddy, I love my teddy, I kiss my teddy, And my teddy is my valentine. Happy teddy day.
  • A bedroom without a teddy is like a face without a smile.
  • I am sending a Teddy to you. Love my Teddy Bear, Kiss my Teddy Bear, Hug my Teddy Bear, keep that Teddy Carefully Because Teddy has my heart Happy Teddy Day .
  • I am gifting you my teddy Having a big heart stuffed in it, Take care of it, as it is not a teddy, It is my heart. Happy teddy day
  • By Gifting You This Teddy I Want To Show Am Ready To Make You Mine And Fill My Life With Sunshine.
  • Do not close your eyes to the one who opened your heart.Happy teddy bear day.
  • My bedroom is full of teddies, As, a bedroom without teddy, Is just like a face without smile, My heart is full of your love, As, a heart without true love, Is just like a planet without air and water. Happy teddy day
  • You are in my thoughts and in my heart wherever I may go. On Teddy Bear Day I’d like to say, I care more than you know.
  • I wish I was a teddy bear that lay close to you, so everytime you cuddled it. You cuddled me instead. Happy Teddy bear Day sweetheart.
  • I have lots of precious gifts for you, A rose, a promise, a kiss, a teddy, a hug, And finally a big yes, I love you. Happy teddy day.
  • And I found my paradise in you. You are most precious treasure. Just want to say I will always love you. Happy Teddy Day!
  • It’s a TEDDY BEAR DAY! And I ‘m thinking of someone cute and huggable that someone SPECIAL IS YOU. Happy Teddy Bear Day
  • Girls like there teddies very much Girls always hug their teddies, But I am so lucky that liked and hugged by you. Happy teddy day.

Share these cute teddy day messages on February 10 with your loved one, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband and wife to express your deep love.

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