[40+] Special Birthday Messages for Principal and Teachers

A principal is in-charge of school, college and university. No doubt, it is one of the most strictest persons we meet in our life. But there is a reason behind all those strict actions, it is to teach us discipline. So, on principal’s birthday we should appreciate their efforts by sending birthday messages for principal. It is important to pay gratitude to respected teachers, mentors and principals as a token of appreciation for providing students a roof for learning.

Principal care about all his/her students, provide guidance and correct us if we do anything wrong. So, if you haven’t done it before, do it this year and send special birthday wishes to principal to let him know that you still remember him. He/She will feel good on receiving a message from their old students, you can also write birthday greetings on cards and send it to your favorite teacher.

Special Birthday Messages for Principal

Special Birthday Messages for Principal

Here are some nice and decent birthday wishes for teachers, tutors and principals. You can send it through Whatsapp, Facebook, SMS or Twitter:

  • Ever since you took the reins at our school, we have only been going up. You are indeed, one of the best principals that has ever been seen. Happy Birthday!
  • It’s my great honor and privilege to celebrate the birthday to my dearest principal; she is the backbone of my success. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday to one of the best principals in the whole country. We want you to know that we hope to continue this great work with you. Enjoy your special day. Go take the day off!
  • We can learn a ton from you as you have done a fantastic job with running this school. Thank you for being such an awesome individual. Happy Birthday principal!
  • Your moral support, enthusiasm, teaching style and hardworking are exemplary, you always see the picture to its end. Happy Birthday, dear principal.
  • Happy birthday to our treasured school principal we know you work hard. We know you work long hours. We just want you to know we know. And we appreciate it. Have a great day.
  • If there is one word that I can use that would describe you, it would be incredible. You have an astounding work ethic that is only duplicated by us. Happy birthday ma’am.
  • Thank you for being such a great role model, you have suffered by me and through me and I am who I am today because of your guidance and love. I hope you have a great birthday dear principal.
  • About your dreams, have belief, make creation and get success. This is the most fabulous outlook of life. Happy Birthday, my great principal.
  • Best birthday messages for principal – Kings rules Kingdoms, managers rules companies, but you rule the impossible and manage thousands of naughty students.
  • Happy Birthday to the most lovable and adorable star on this planet many your birthday bring you good luck to last for the whole year? Happy Birthday Sir!
  • I am so glad we have you as a principal. There are not many professional principals like yourself that we can look up to and aspire to. We hope to have another successful year! Happy Birthday.
  • You have taught me a great deal of lesson but the lesson I can never forget is the lesson you taught me about self. I hope you enjoy your birthday dear principal; you will forever remain a great man in my eyes.
  • Dear Principal, a little birdie told me that you are celebrating your birthday, I hope you get to enjoy this day and may you have the best day ever.
  • Happy Birthday to the most fantastic and best principal in the world! May your special day be blessed with everything God wants to give you!
  • If these walls could talk, they would talk about what an incredible job you did with their house. This school. This wonderful establishment. We thank you and wish you a happy birthday.
  • You are a wise man, a person to be proud of and a person I can look up to. Have a fantastic birthday dear principal, may you live today like there is no tomorrow.
  • I hope you have a great birthday, principal, you deserve the very best out of this day and I hope you get it. Have a superb one.
  • Best wishes, my dear beautiful and healthy year for a day happy Birthday Sir.
  • Happy birthday to a very fierce woman. Thank you principal for the fine opportunity you have provided by making this school one of the best. Time to celebrate!

Best Birthday Wishes for Sir

Below you will find good collection of birthday messages for sir, principal and tutors. Don’t forget sending the best one to the person who taught you good things.

  • Age is just a number and the older you get the wiser one becomes; you are living proof of that. Happy Birthday principal!
  • Your guidelines, your principles, and your directions give new ways towards the destination. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, dearest principal.
  • Wishing you all the best on your birthday and throughout the coming year!
  • I don’t know what to say other than happy birthday! It’s been a blast to work with you principal that we wouldn’t have it any other way. You the best principal!
  • A man of great virtue and will never lacks, you are a great man and I hope you know that. Happy Birthday dear principal, may you never lack.
  • You are responsible for building the career of every child. Happy Birthday, dear principal.
  • Special birthday messages for principal – Dear principal, on your special day we‘d like to thank you for the priceless gift that you are giving us every single day – knowledge and education!!
  • Thank you for making this such a great environment to work in. We couldn’t expect any less from you and we appreciate all your hard work. Happy birthday principal!
  • Becoming a student in your school has taught me a great deal, these lessons I will forever carry with me. Enjoy your birthday principal.
  • You always provoke an enthusiasm in every student that anyone can make a difference, we are really grateful and thankful and salute for all your endeavors. Happy Birthday, dear principal.
  • I found discipline, guidance and friendship in one person. And that person is you, dear principal!
  • We are thankful that we have someone great that leads our school in the right direction. Happy birthday principal. You are indeed one of the finest that have worked these schools miss.
  • Everyone truly know that they can succeed, but not everyone know what to do to succeed. You taught me that wishes aren’t enough to achieve dreams. Thank you for those lessons sir. Happy Birthday.
  • Your words always echo in my mind ‘take risks and conquer your fears’ – always give new positive ways and directions towards success. Happy Birthday, my sweet principal.
  • Dear Principal we know it isn’t easy to run a school. You have to deal with parents, teachers, students, contractors, school boards and the press. But you handle it with class and determination. We are so glad you are our principal. Our community thanks you happy birthday.
  • Ever since you took the reins at our school. We have only been going up, you are indeed one of the best principals, that has ever been seen. Happy Birthday !!

Send happy birthday wishes for sir and make his day memorable and show him that you still respect the person.

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