Happy New Year Wishes for Colleagues 2018

Professionals spend most of their time with colleagues in office space. They are like 2nd family for them and they enjoy their company. Most of the people make new year plans with friends or colleagues. If not celebrating together at least they send new year 2018 wishes with each other. You can also share greetings with your friendly colleagues on this special occasion.

Whether you like it or not but you have to send happy new year wishes for colleagues on 1st January 2018. On this day you should forget all the bad things and set new goals for future. Many people also set work related new year resolutions, which include things they want to achieve.

It is up to you whether you want to send messages, images or quotes on new year day. I suggest that one of the best way of sharing new year wishes with colleague is to send message on new year night. You can also share these new year messages with workplace friends.

New Year Wishes for Colleagues

Happy New Year Wishes for Colleagues 2018

As promised, below you will find some good collection of new year greeting messages and wishes that you can send to your boss and other fellow staff members.

  • Since we are going to enter into a new year, I would like to tell you all that it is only because of you guys that I am living my life to its fullest. I wish you all a happy new year.
  • May 31st December is the end of your sorrows and 1st January 2018 is the beginning of your joys. Happy New Year 2018.
  • Today I would like to wish all my dearest friends joy and happiness just like the joy and happiness you all have given me and have always been there for me through thick and thin.
  • Forget all grudges, accept every mistake, forget all sorrows and spread love for god’s sake. Wish you a really fulfilling and joyous 2018. Happy New Year 2018.
  • Celebrate this year with new hope, new resolves and new imagination try to find the new way to live the life, Wish you happy New Year from the bottom of my heart.
  • Dear friend. I wish you a very Happy New Year with hope that you and your family will have many blessings in years to come.
  • As you welcome 2018 let me carry my best wishes to you and tell you that I thought a prayer for you so that the year turns out to be a satisfying one for you.
  • The beginning of the year sets the tone of its run, that’s why I wish you to spend New Year’s night in the company of the loved ones and plunge into the atmosphere of joy and happiness for the whole year. Happy holiday season!

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New Year 2018 Wishes for Boss

Here is some decent collection of new year messages that you can send to your employer or boss. You may like it or not but you have to send greetings to your superior to grab his attention ;). A good way is to send a short new year message on his Whatsapp. Wishes that we are going to share below, you can send it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

  • New Year is another good reason to say how much I love and treasure my friends. Every year turns into an exciting adventure only because of you. Thank you so much for it. I can repeat the words of gratitude to you endlessly. Have an amazing Year 2018!
  • Today we do not know what the year 2018 would bring for us. But what we can do is that we can gather together to celebrate the onset and pray for delightful months ahead for each other.
  • Leave all sadness and grief behind, because I personally promise you an unbelievable year full of joyful moments. Cheer up, buddy, and be ready to have a good time. Happy 2018 Boss!
  • I wish that 2018 gives you wonderful moments to appreciate and to store in your heart to create delightful memories that you would like to look back upon every now and then—Happy New Year 2018.
  • Our life is like mosaics: year after year, we’re looking for the missing piece of the puzzle. I believe that this year will bring you all the missing pieces and you’ll get a beautiful picture eventually. Happy New Year Partner!
  • May 2018 is the year when all your dreams come true, all your hard work reaps great results and rewards, all your family and friends keep you company—Happy New Year 2018.
  • New Year is not just a holiday. It’s time when we take stock of what we have achieved and set new goals. And I wish that all your most cherished dreams would come true this year!
  • May This New Year fill up days with all things that are nice and optimistic – here is wishing you a lovely new year 2018.

You will find many other stuff like new year images, quotes or pictures that you can send to your staff members. The one we shared above is the simplest way of sharing new year wishes for colleagues on this special occasion.

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